I’m currently part of a content design team at a digital marketing company.

Here are a few examples of our work:

I pitched and managed a mobile-first redesign of this comparison website.

Users wanted to quickly understand a complex subject matter and make a purchasing decision.

  • I rewrote explainers from the user perspective (owners of dogs with health issues)
  • translated scientific terminology into a skimmable vocabulary
  • introduced visual and language consistency
  • ran a content audit based on user need research (pet owner concerns)

This content block for a home product site was optimized for search ranking instead of good UX, but heat map data suggested it frequently drew users’ attention.

We identified key information and redesigned the block to make that info accessible.

I spend lots of time iterating content based on user interactions and page analytics.

Here, customers rarely ventured beyond the first three products in the table, so we reduced the available choices.

I replaced the bullet points with conversational copy that complied with SEO requirements we’d developed for this page.