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Joe Hitchcock is a senior content writer and freelance contributor. He creates content strategy, inbound content, and brand journalism—most of which is posted on his Twitter feed.

His bylines include Fast Company, Critical Read, CBR, and The Twin Bill. He is the editor of the Simbi Foundation Blog.

Joe grew up in the UK, studied creative writing at Oxford University, philosophy at King’s College London, and is now a Canadian resident. He tutors AP literature students and young writers.

He is part of the 2021 Critical Read Fellowship and is Pushcart-nominated. Andrew O’Hagan of the LRB called Joe “a mature writer with a considered approach.” Aaron Friedland, founder of Simbi, said that “Joe’s subject matter expertise shines through.” Laurence Vardaxolgou, founder of Ogilvy Consulting’s behavioral science team, said that “he provides creative solutions others don’t see.”

If you like, you can download his resume, or just google ‘Joe Hitchcock writer’.