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Joe Hitchcock is a writer, editor, and content strategist. He’s worked for literary journals, eCommerce and web3 brands, a publishing house, and many websites.

Content strategist. I lead content at Creekside Web, designing and managing SEO websites. Previously, I was a marketing assistant at Oxford University Press, working on psychology and pop-sci titles.

Writer. I currently write for Decentra Daily and InsideBe. I’ve contributed to magazines including Critical Read, Fast Company, and CBR. I’ve also worked as a freelance content writer for B2C companies and nonprofits.

Editor. I’m creative nonfiction editor at The Twin Bill, a literary baseball journal. Previously, I was a fact checker at Raft and an intern at Literary Review.

Feel free to message me at Joecontentwriter [at] gmail.com or through Twitter.

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